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The CuretoDence Team

"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much"


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I was once inseCure too. Society made me feel that I must look a certain way to be considered beautiful.Because of that, I wanted to change how I look.

I wanted to change me.So I started to play with make-up.It taught me to enhance the things I thought  I wanted to hide .No matter how on point your make-up is,

it won't please everyone's standard of beauty.I realized that it wasn't my physical appearance that made me feel ugly, it was my insecurities.

Only when I developed confiDence and overcame self-doubt that I felt my prettiest.

So, DO YOU!Feel seCure , have confieDence and be YOUtiful!

Hi! my name is Christine 

I am here to treat your skin well, help my co-esthetician, produce effective skin care, MAKE MY FAMILY PROUD and so much more!


Outside work , I love spending time with my family -we bond over food. I love traveling with my husband. My stress relievers are my two fur babies,  Obi and Mamba. 



My sister, who's an esthetician, has always tried to get me into beauty. Although nothing grasped my interest until she introduced Body Contouring to me. I loved and enjoyed cooking good healthy meals, so I thought it was the perfect combination.

I strive for longevity and body wellness. I am currently certified in Body Contouring, EMS therapy, Butt lift, and wood therapy.


When I'm not working--I enjoy cooking, traveling and yoga. I am obsessed with watching movies so having a favorite one is too difficult but here are some highly recommended ones: Stranger than Fiction, Catch Me if You Can, Seven, Mean Girls, Breakfast at Tiffanys, all Marvel superhero movies and more! I enjoy eating Italian, Mexican and all Asian cuisine. When I'm on a road trip, my go-to playlist is one I made on spotify called "Castro Music". 


My favorite quote is one that stuck with me since high school; "We see things as we are, not as they are" and Winston Churchill "If you're going through hell, keep going"

My love for skincare esthetics first started as a hobby of mine- just playing with makeup or experimenting with different skincare products. Eventually that grew into a passion to finding self-love through true, inner beauty. I wanted to enhance my natural bare skin and learn how to be comfortable in my own skin. Being an esthetician has helped me appreciate what I love about my skin but also taught me how to celebrate the imperfections that are also apart of me too - this is what I believe CuretoDence stands by. 

 As YOUR esthetician, my job is to not just only improve the health or appearance of your skin but to also show you that there is pure beauty within yourself. I stand by glowy, radiant results after each facial because behind all the skincare regimens, what matters is how YOU view yourself in the mirror after

A few of my fave things to do is finding new places to hike, visit or trying new dishes to eat from different cultures. I’m also such a fan of RNB or island music that you’ll probably catch me at an island reggae fest or concert. 




During my free time, I love playing with my dog. I also love picking fruits and vegetables at our small farm while watching my favorite movie series Alice in Borderland. These are the reasons why I decided to become a Virtual Assistant to have a work-life balance and I'm beyond grateful since Curetodence Skin considered me to be one.


My favorite foods ever are Pork Sinigang, Chopsuey, and Spaghetti. I enjoy eating them while listening to Paramore's playlist, swear! 


"We cannot learn without pain" this is my favorite quote by Aristotle.


We are looking forward to meeting you soon. For any inquiries or appointments  feel free to message ME . I am more than happy to assist you.



I am a proud mother of five grown children and a new grandmother. My family motivates me to focus on my health and age gracefully with the help of Body Detox and Wellness. I've received certification as a Body Contouring Specialist, with expertise in Fat Cavitation, Faradic and RF Treatments, as well as Lymphatic Drainage. My aim is to assist you in beginning a healthier lifestyle.


Outside of work, I enjoy traveling and cooking, playing video games, and spending time with family.

Words to live by:“Train your mind to see the good in every situation.”

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